Post Car Accident Advice

Here is some car post accident advice after a car accident. You must seek medical attention if needed, pull your car off to the side, call the police and exchange insurance information. As well as take pictures or video of any damage and take notes of the incident. Now that you know what you should do after a car accident, let us show you what not to do.

When asked, describe any facts of the accident. Explain how it happened, but do not disclose any conclusion to who caused the accident. The decision of who is at fault will come later when the police have all the facts. Because if you admit it was your fault, you may be accepting liability for the accident. So its best to stick to the facts of the accident.

Part of your attorney’s job is to deal with the insurance companies in reference to your injury or claim. The insurance employee on the phone may sound nice but their job is to look out for their company. Your attorney’s job is to look out for you and your interest.
Also, there is no obligation for your to give a statement to the insurance company. Giving a statement may used against you in the future, when defending your claim. But you may be able to deal with your insurance about property damage issues. Including towing, rental cars, storage, repair, total loss, and more.
Although you may feel fine after a car accident, symptoms can appear later. Sometimes symptoms take days or weeks after an accident to surface. So you should see a physician after an accident and report what you’re feeling. No matter the severity of the issue, whether it be a headache or being sore, share it. Honesty with your physician is the best policy when taking into account your health.
After getting medical attention your next step should be to reach out to an attorney. This gives the attorney the opportunity to investigate the accident. Which will allow them to prepare their case early on and as strong as possible.

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