Lifting Correctly To Prevent Pain

Lifting correctly can help prevent pain. When you carry or lift heavy objects, you have to protect the items. But you should also protect your knees, back, and spinal muscles. Here at Relief MD we have some advice for you, before you do any heavy lifting, below.

Before You Move, THINK

Before lifting anything, you should decide where the item is going. Then decide what’s the best way for you to get there without twisting or turning. Then be sure you can lift your item, by yourself. If you can’t don’t risk it, always get some help. It’s better to wait, then to be in pain later.

how to lift pain prevention help

Get In A Safe Position Before You Start

To begin, stand with your legs, hip distance apart. Then place one leg in front of the other, just by a bit. Either kneel on one knee before lifting or squat and grab the object. Always keep your back straight and tighten your core muscles. If you decided to kneel, it can help to place the object on your knee as you begin to get up.

Let Your Legs Do The Lifting

Never ever use your back, from your squat or kneeling position tighten your core. Then lift straight up with your legs. In most cases the closer the item is to your body, the easier it is so work smarter not harder.

Do Not Twist or Turn

While you’re lifting the object, do not turn or twist from your waist. When you feel you are comfortable to move, use your feet and not your upper body. Any twisting or turning can cause back injuries and strain your muscles.

If you need more advice or think you hurt yourself the last time you lifted something heavy, come in and we’ll check you out!