Neck Pain Management Tips

Neck pain management is important when medication, ice or heating pads fail. The best combination of treatments for your neck may take some trial and error. Below are techniques and tips we recommend you consider when trying to reduce your neck pain.

1. Neck Supporting Chair

When your head posture is forward from hunching there is an increase in stress to your spine. Good posture throughout the day leaves your head naturally balanced. A headrest can help your cervical spine be in a neutral position. Another good practice to reduce pain is to keep your head level with your computer monitor and a standing desk.

2. Go Swimming

Swimming provides a low-impact exercise for anyone with back or neck pain. Water adds buoyancy and thus reduces the stress on the spine. Before taking a dip consult with your doctor or therapist to see about swim strokes.

3. Use Your Phone or Tablet Correctly

Without even realizing it, you may be aggravating your neck by the way you use your devices. The way you hold your phone to your head can affect the amount of stress on your spine. As well as leaning forward to look at your device for hours throughout the day. Below are some tips to improve the way you use your devices.
  • Use a hands-free headset to talk on the phone
  • When texting or browsing, hold your phone to match the angle of your neck
  • Take frequent breaks to stretch

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