Relief MD Pain Management Doctors

Our Relief MD Pain Management Doctors can be found at our Sunrise location. Our specialists concern themselves about your functionality and your quality of life. When your physician can’t relieve your pain, they might send you to a pain management doctor. That’s where we come in, below we’ll explain our role as a pain management center.

What’s A Pain Management Doctor

A pain management doctor will develop a treatment plan to reduce, relieve, or manage pain. Our pain management specialists will help you return to your everyday activities quickly. We’re different because we do our best to relieve your pain without surgery or a heavy reliance on medication. But our doctors don’t work alone. We have a team of health professionals that will work together to find what best fits you.

Diagnosis: The Cause Of Your Pain

At our Sunrise pain management center, we don’t treat you until we understand the cause of your pain. In some cases, the cause may be as simple as a fracture. But, it can be a case of chronic pain, making the diagnosis difficult. Either way, we will be thorough in figuring out your specific kind of pain. Our doctors rely on your medical history, neurological, and physical exams.

Finding Your Patient History

Before we do anything, we like to have a conversation about what you’re feeling. Including when and where the pain started, a description of the pain, and any activities that increase or reduce the pain. After, we ask about your medical history and any past or current treatments or medication you’re taking.

Neurological or Physical Examinations

A physical exam allows us to understand your vital signs. Which includes your pulse, heartbeat, respiration, blood pressure, and so on. While a neurological examination evaluates your sensory and motor capabilities. Such as your reflexes, ability to walk, muscle strength and tone, and balance.

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