Reasons To See A Pain Management Doctor

Waiting for the pain to get better on its own, is never a good idea. Here are the reasons to see a pain management doctor. Our pain management doctor knows the pain debilitates your job, life, and overall your happiness. Waiting for it to get better on its own, is never a good idea. Your primary physician might even recommend you to a pain management specialist, like the ones at Relief MD
Don’t let your minor injury turn into chronic pain. Below are six reasons why you should visit us to prevent any long-term pain.

Pain leads to disability

According to the National Institute of Health, pain is the number one reason for healthcare. Chronic pain is a common cause of any long-term disability. A pain management plan can have you going in the right direction.

Chronic pain can result from prior injury

With age, your pain might become chronic. But it can also result from a previous injury. Pain management doctors agree that some common causes can include
  • (Spine Arthritis) Thinning of cartilage inside the spine.
  • (Spinal Stenosis) Narrowing of the spinal canal that can lead to nerve pain.
  • Disc problems, like a herniated disc or bulging disc.
  • (Myofascial Pain Syndrome) Unexplained muscle tenderness and pain.

Chronic Pain can cost more than 60 billion a year

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, more than $60 billion dollars a year is a result of painful conditions. About 76% of lost productivity is a result of poor work performance. Save money and visit a pain management center today.

Depression can result from pain

The toll pain takes on your mind is substantial. Depression is a common emotion associated with pain. Depression is three or four times more common in people who have pain, then in the general population. Relief MD’s pain management center will relieve your pain so you remain happy.

Pain can reduce your enjoyment of life

When you suffer from acute or chronic pain, your overall enjoyment of life can be impacted. Including your energy and ability to do activities. One common complaint of pain is lack of or interrupted sleep.

Your health can be affected by pain

People with lower back pain are often physically and mentally worse than those who don’t. Moreover, pain can cause psychological distress, poor health, and limits your life. We urge you to visit a pain management doctor as soon as possible.

Don’t wait, contact us

There’s nothing to be ashamed about. If you suffer from acute or physical pain, you’re one of many. Don’t let negligence turn you into a statistic. Visit our pain management medical clinic and prevent any future suffering.

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