Combating COVID19

Pain management can be difficult for many patients so here are some ways for combating covid19. Being stuck at home can result in an increase in stress. With more stress, there is more pain. There is a lot of irritation with being cooped up. A common occurrence is the feeling of loneliness, loss or guilt, or even depression. These changes can make pain management more difficult.

Quaratine Food Temptations

Most people assume that staying at home or getting a day off work is great, so a quarantine should be a peice of cake. But, in reality, it has always been about food. One of the food temptations is sweets or snacks. Many treats have a bunch of sugar, which is pro-inflammatory and that can be painful to your joints. Processed foods like meat, cheese, crackers, have high sodium. Salt can increase swelling and water retention around pain spots.

Have A Plan

If you notice your pain increases after prolong periods of being home, create a plan to help. Here are some tips on how you can avoid an increase in pain:

  • For you to stay relaxed, you must avoid overburdening yourself with too many tasks. Plan to do something you enjoy doing and you know will reduce stress. Some activities that can help would be walking, seeing our chiropractor, or even some yoga.
  • A good laugh can make all the difference. Call or visit the people in your life that bring the best out of you. If everyone is busy, shows and movies are always a fun way to laugh.

We hope you stay safe and healthy during this quarantine.

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