How A Epidural Steroid Injection Can Help You

An Epidural Steroid Injection is a solution to inflammation of the spinal nerves. An injection is a combination of an anesthetic pain reliever and a corticosteroid. The corticosteroid takes pressure off any nerves that became inflamed before. Which reduce inflammation over time. The anesthetic immediately relieves pain during the procedure. While the corticosteroid can take more time to become effective. The injection or shot delivers the medication to the inflamed region of your spine. Thus going straight to the source of your pain.

When should you get an epidural steroid injection?

If your pain has not responded to any non-surgical methods, then these injections are used. Usually, you would get an epidural steroid injection if you have lower back pain, leg pain, or even neck pain. The pain is eased with an injection, preventing your need to have a surgical procedure. This treatment can do wonders if your pain has not subsided by other means.

Are There Any Long-Term Effects?

Post-treatment, many patients pain subsides. Often enough, this pain relief treatment allows the patient to work on their injury. Through rehabilitation, the injury is less painful even after the injection wears off. The side effects of the treatment can vary with each patient. Some, only feel the effects for days or weeks. While other patients can feel them for a year or none at all. But, most people feel some effects for a significant amount of time.
Repetition of the epidural steroid injection depends on the pain and the patient. Post-injection if your pain subsides, it’s possible to receive up to three injections in a year. However, if the treatment is only a little effective, you’ll receive less. One or two injections can be administered in a one to four week interval. The amount of injections is based on reducing your pain as much as possible.

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