Pain Management for Sleeping

Pain management for sleeping will help you reduce pain and sleep better. Insomnia or sleep disturbance is common when you suffer from chronic pain. These conditions are usually influenced by the other. While you’re in pain, it can disrupt your restful night. Also, lack of sleep can exacerbate your pain and its symptoms.

Some foods can help promote sleep

Certain foods in your evening meal can help increase your tryptophan. Which is a type of protein that you need to produce serotonin and that can help you regulate your sleep. But it can also reduce the time it takes to even fall asleep and improve your alertness in the morning. In fact here are some foods you can eat to promote sleep.

  • Carbohydrates, like rice with a high glycemic index
  • Cherries, Kiwis, or other fruits
  • Milk, Fatty Fish, Shellfish, and other whole foods

If you plan to make dietary changes, please consult with your doctor or dietitian. So that any new foods or supplements affect any existing condition(s). Also to make sure it doesn’t affect any medication you’re currently taking. In fact, consider refraining from drinks or foods that affect sleep, like coffee or tea. Ideally, any foods that contain theobromine or caffeine.

Short walks can improve your sleep

Walking helps your core body temperature rise. When your temperature drops due to heat dissipation, resulting in lower body temperature. In fact, this helps trigger your sleep cycle and walking can reduce anxiety as well. Including walks in your daily routine can reduce chronic lower back pain. Which is due to you strengthening your back and abdominal muscles. Also, it will increase the flexibility in your lower back.

Take deep, slow breaths

Rhythmic, slow breathing has a calming mind-body effect. Which can help reduce stress, pain, and promote better sleep. Taking deep and slow breaths before bed can help you sleep faster and help you fall back asleep. In fact, breathing like this helps synchronize your breathing pattern and heart rate. Thus, helping promote restorative and deeper sleep.

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