Pain Management Through Sleeping

A common cause of frustration for most patients is difficulty sleeping. Pain management through sleeping reduces insomnia by reducing pain. Studies show that the less you sleep the more your pain can increase. One of the best natural pain relievers is actually a good night’s rest.

Sleep Deprivation and Pain

How sensitive you are to pain when waking up is related to how well you sleep the night before. Having daytime fatigue or the feeling of sluggishness after a bad night’s sleep increases your sensitivity to pain. Harvard conducted a study that looked at the pain sensitivity of sleep-deprived mice. They found that caffeine helped reduce their pain, even more so than morphine.

Our Pain Management Doctors Can Help!

Even though getting better sleep can reduce your pain, pain may be the reason you can’t sleep. At Relief-MD our pain management doctors approach your pain uniquely to you. If pain is causing you not to sleep we will discuss your lifestyle and habits and help you begin to sleep better. Our goal is to find the healthiest way to reduce your pain.

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