Traveling and Pain Management

Traveling and pain management is difficult enough. But the thought of sitting on a plane or car for a long time can make any vacation taxing. Especially when you suffer from acute or chronic pain. But, with a couple of precautions and a little planning, your trip can be enjoyable. These tips below will help you plan ahead for a great vacation.

Talk To Your Pain Management Expert

Before making any traveling arrangements, talk to your pain management doctor. Ask them about possible activities and their opinion on your condition and any limitations. Make a list of questions before visiting your Doctor so you don’t forget anything.

Talk To Your Form of Transportation

Check with your transportation for accommodations, whether airline, cruise, bus, or trains. Using a suitcase with wheels will make transporting your belongings easier. You can also use seat cushions, neck pillows and more to make your ride as comfortable as possible.

Don’t Forget The Necessities

Make a list of necessities that will help you be more comfortable. Don’t forget any of your medications you might be needed on your vacation. Helpful amenities include a Cold pack, heating pad, back support, and a sleeping mask.

Always Remember To Stretch

Always remember to stretch as often as you can to prevent being stiff. Stiffness can trigger a flare-up of pain. If you will be traveling for a long time in a vehicle, make sure to plan for occasional breaks to stretch.

Know Your Limitaitons

Try to figure out the limitations of yourself and your group when traveling. Take any breaks agreed upon the group and if someone needs a break they should take days to rest. Make sure to dress comfortably, wear loose clothes specific to the weather and supportive shoes. If you are i need of any braces, make sure to bring devices that support you just in case.

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